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Amplifying the power of your people.

Organize and share micro networks of mentors, founders, and peer groups - measuring the quality and quantity of interactions along the way.

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Take the pain out
of curating community


Intros are tedious

Writing manual introductions takes too much time.

Don't spend energy doing this over and over.

No Transparency

Don't fly blind on your group's impact.

Do you find yourself wondering how meetings went?

Difficulties organizing

Remembering to introduce people is a headache.

Forgetting to follow up with someone feels even worse.

Bring everyone together

Mentoring is the #1 most powerful mechanism for growth.

Use Cases

Impactful Communities
Big and Small

Create a powerful micro-network and give people access to those willing to help.

Incubator & Accelerators
Peer Empowerment Groups
Chambers of Commerce
Economic Development Orgs

Words of encouragement

All other mentorship tools were too complicated. We didn't want to ask mentors to do more work. Mentor Deck makes all of this easier.

Rachael M.
Community Manager

It was incredibly easy to get all of our advisors in one place. Our portfolio companies use the directory to book meetings every week.

Courtney S.
Portfolio Manager

We went from writing 20-30 email introductions per week to having an accessible directory only our companies can access. It's just what we needed!

Zubayer H.
Executive Director
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67% of businesses reported an increase in productivity

Due to regular mentoring and coaching practices.

VCs interact with 60% of their portfolio companies at least once a week

28% multiple times a week! Mentorship adds value to portfolios.

55% of businesses claim that mentoring positively impacts profits

Avoid pitfalls and increase efficiency by learning from others.


Intentionally Simple

Paid plans include every feature and no per user fees. Unlimited mentors and meetings.

Trying it out? Start with a free deck once you sign up.

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